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Spring 2013 Series

CHD Interdisciplinary Developmental (iDEV) Talks

Day/Time: Fridays, 11am to noon
AP&M 5420

Investigators are invited to present recent findings, give practice talks, and/or conduct brainstorming sessions that would be of interest to the developmental community. The goal of the series is to provide a forum for researchers to share what they are currently working on and ultimately to identify possible future collaborative opportunities with others within or outside the group.  

To receive notices concerning the iDEV Talks, please sign up for the CHD Events mail list. Information on how to subscribe to or unsubscribe from the listserv can be found on

Please send requests for an interpreter to Janet at two weeks prior to the talk. For any other questions concerning the CHD iDEV Talks or to schedule a presentation next quarter, please contact Janet at

Date Speakers Presentation Titles
05/03/2013 Ben Cipollini
UCSD Department of Cognitive Science
Uniquely human developmental timing may drive cerebral lateralization and interhemispheric coupling
05/10/2013 Tina Chambers
UCSD Department of Pediatrics
Maternal nutrition and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
05/17/2013 Margaret Friend
SDSU Department of Psychology
Haptic assessment of early vocabulary comprehension: What it is, what it isn't, and what it can tell us
05/24/2013 Paula Tallal
Rutgers University
Do learning styles predict aptitude and learning outcomes?
05/31/2013 Rachel Mayberry
UCSD Department of Linguistics
Sign language as a lens to study the development of brain language processing