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Spring 2012 Series

CHD Interdisciplinary Developmental (iDEV) Talks

Day/Time: Fridays, 11am to noon
AP&M 4301

The UCSD Center for Human Development introduces a new colloquium series in spring 2012 for investigators to present recent findings, give practice talks, and/or conduct brainstorming sessions that would be of interest to the developmental community. The goal of the series is to provide a forum for researchers to share what they are currently working on and ultimately to identify possible future collaborative opportunities with others within or outside the group.  

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For any questions concerning the CHD iDEV Talks or to schedule a presentation, please contact Janet Shin at

Date Speakers Presentation Titles
4/13/2012 Nick Spitzer
UCSD Division of Biological Sciences
Roles of electrical activity in brain development
4/20/2012 Natacha Akshoomoff
UCSD Department of Psychiatry
The impact of prematurity on neuropsychological development and early academic skills
4/27/2012 Gedeon Deák
UCSD Department of Cognitive Science and Human Development Program 
Where social skills come from: Behavioral, biological, and ecological origins of attention-sharing, turn-taking, and collaboration
5/4/2012 Kathrine Skak Madsen
Copenhagen University 
Brain microstructural correlates of behavioral phenotypes: Results from the HUBU study

Carol Padden
UCSD Department of Communication

So-One Hwang
UCSD Center for Research in Language

Insights from signing children on the role of gesture for learning
5/18/2012 Sarah Creel
UCSD Department of Cognitive Science
Seen and not heard? How children learn to recognize voices
5/25/2012 David Liu
UCSD Department of Psychology
Children's developing understanding of people and mental states
[Location Change: AP&M 4452]
6/1/2012 Alison Wishard Guerra
UCSD Department of Education Studies

Let them be heard: How mother-child conversations about the past support school readiness skills among low-income children
[Location Change: AP&M 4452]