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Research Staff

  • Sarah Dowling

    Sarah Dowling

    Center for Human Development, UC San Diego
    Project Coordinator and Lab Manager
  • Naomi Lin

    Naomi Lin

    Education Studies and Cognitive Science, UC San Diego
    Graduate Student Researcher

  • Elsa Davalos-Chomina

    Elsa Davalos-Chomina

    Center for Human Development, UC San Diego
    Research Assistant


Undergraduate Research Assistants

Top Row: John Iversen, Sarah Dowling, Setu Shiroya, Lauren Awaya, Elsa Davalos-Chomina, Emily Merklinger, Jennell Encizo, David Maldonado, Tim Brown. Bottom Row: Lara Schoen, Veena W-Fernando, Shivani Nandakumar, Jessica Trejos, Nicole Tran, Laura Daio, Amparo Davalos-Chomina.

New Vistas in Early Childhood Mind, Brain, and Education Undergraduate Training Program.

As an integral part of our thriving multidisciplinary research program, we recruit talented undergraduate students (adding new participants every academic quarter) who complete content and skills training under the broad rubric of human brain, behavioral, and learning sciences. Students participate as volunteers or receive course credits through a wide range of relevant majors and programs of study, including psychology, human developmental sciences, cognitive science, human biology/physiology, linguistics, and education. Students participating in the program complete a rigorous training regimen that focuses on scholarship and skill-building in a variety of areas, including psychometric and academic achievement testing and assessment, statistical programming and data analysis, and introductory aspects of structural and functional brain imaging and recording using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and electroencephalography (EEG). Students who complete the training program for graded course credits must conduct an independent research project. Students also receive individualized mentoring on how to successfully apply for and be admitted to graduate and medical training programs in a variety of related fields (e.g., psychology, clinical psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience, physiology, speech and hearing sciences, occupational therapy, medicine). Undergraduates from any discipline or major are considered for the program, and to date we have been successful in recruiting a large proportion of individuals who are first generation college students and members of sociodemographic groups that are underrepresented in graduate programs in science.

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NEA Research Lab: Early Academic Readiness and Learning Intervention (EARLI)